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Opening the Summer House (The Definitive Checklist) Send It!

Lessons Learned and Learning

I’ve learned so much over the last…how many days?? You too? I’ve colored and cut my own hair, I’ve baked bread from scratch, and I’ve mastered Zoom. And I’ve learned to appreciate a quieter time and to allow my mind to think through complicated issues and find creative solutions to problems that have been vexing me for ages. COVID-19 and...

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It’s National Tell A Story Day!

Ann was a pretty lady. Come to think of it, she looked a little bit like you… Anyway, Ann loved the color pink; nearly any shade would make her smile. Then she would blush just a little at the silliness of her joy at frivolous things and smile deeper. Jon loved Ann, and had since the first time she laughed...

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4 Beach House Truths You Can Take Home With You.

4 Beach House Truths You Can Take Home With You.  Along with all of the other things we’ve learned over the past 3 weeks (you know, how to bake from scratch, how (and why) to wash our hands and sing at the same time, how to teach common core math….) we’ve also learned every little thing that drives us nuts...

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Is Your Coastal Style Contemporary?

Coastal Style takes many forms, contemporary to cottage to boho. That’s great news because whatever your personal style, you can bring the barefoot, breezy vibe of a lake house to your summer home! Over the next several months, we’ll take you on a tour of the very best coastal styles. Join us, and incorporate the joy and the calm of...

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Draw a Line in the Sand. This is a Vacation!

So, you’ve just opened up the cottage for the season...   (and if you haven’t…’ll help, I promise). Take a look around before you get too comfortable. Does it feel like you’re on vacation? There’s a difference between your really for real home (the home where the bills go, the home where you’re up too late working on that...

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