4 Beach House Truths You Can Take Home With You.


4 Beach House Truths You Can Take Home With You. 

Along with all of the other things we’ve learned over the past 3 weeks (you know, how to bake from scratch, how (and why) to wash our hands and sing at the same time, how to teach common core math….) we’ve also learned every little thing that drives us nuts about our own homes! The Design Team at Bayberry Cottage has been perfecting our art of bringing joy, satisfaction, and ease to vacation homes for 20 years. Now, stuck in our own homes, we’re noticing all of the ways we can apply those same concepts to everyday living!

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Now, more than ever, our homes should protect us, support our lifestyles, and make us feel good. Whether you're lucky enough to be at the Beach House or just dreaming of getting back to it, living in a beautiful environment that works is the balance that makes us feel more grateful, less grumpy. We’ve talked about all of this before, but why not apply those elements that make up breezy, low maintenance, beautiful beach homes, anywhere?

1. Incorporate Nature & Natural Materials Into Your Design! 

We love natural elements in our work because they add to the casual, barefoot vibe of a beach house, but biophilic design has been used to boost well-being and health for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Egypt. So, gorgeous and good for me? I’ll take several, thanks!

Potted house plants and trees are pretty, add texture, depth and dimension to your space, and connect us to nature! Natural elements like jute, sisal and rattan give spaces a casual, kick-off-your-shoes feel. And honestly, the amount of barefoot time I’ve had since our quarantine began is probably my favorite thing.

Dash & Albert Natural Jute Rug Colorways Bayberry Cottage South Haven, Michigan

2. There Is No Feeling In The World Like Natural Light & A Beautiful Spring Breeze!  

The very best spot in my house right now is my little reading nook - the whole family fights for it. My comfy (and pretty) swivel rocker sits next to a South facing window and the table next to it is stacked high with books. On beautiful Spring days, soft light comes in through the open window, and the light, the breeze, and the fictional adventures I get lost in...there’s no place I’d rather be.

Consider natural, woven wood blinds for the very best in soft, filtered sunlight. They’ll be right in line with the natural elements you’ll add for your barefoot vibe, they come in endless colors and patterns, and they turn harsh sunlight into muted joy.

 Beach House Color Bayberry Cottage Design South Haven MichiganDesigns by Bayberry Cottage and Cottage Company

 Of course, it’s springtime which comes with more gray than sunny yellow generally. A well lit space is the number one mood-boosting element of design, so if your lighting isn't working for you, fix it! Look for task appropriate lighting, good overall lighting, and please skip the builder-basic lights. All lighting lights things up, but great lighting changes everything about the personality of your home. It’s part of the “magic” of Interior Design.

Natural Pendant Turquoise Glass Pendant Bayberry Cottage Design South Haven, Michigan

 3. Get Bold & Playful - Beach House Color Works Anywhere!

We love bold, saturated color because it makes us happy. It’s like flowers and summertime and parties - bright and lively. We don’t go bold everywhere all of the time, it’s a balancing act. But joy and optimism are pretty important to us currently and we find ourselves drawn to exuberant color.

Beach House Color Custom Interior Designs Bayberry Cottage South Haven, Michigan

We find that our clients are more likely to infuse a lot of color into their vacation homes than they are at home. Real life is at home, real responsibility so we tend to be more reserved and traditional. Playful is for the beach, right? Wait, why? Play will inspire your work. Color you love will boost your spirit and energize you.

Happy Color Psychology Bayberry Cottage South Haven, Michigan

 4. Make it Easy for Things to be Easy

The other thing I’ve learned since sheltering in place? Pick your battles. We work hard to keep our beach house designs low maintenance because you shouldn’t be worried about the little stuff - it’s a vacation. But why be worried about the little stuff at home? Make it easy for the family to keep things tidy and you’ll have far fewer battles.

Disabella Design Beach Towel Hooks Blue White Bayberry Cottage South Haven MichiganDisabella Design 

~ Replace your towel bars with hooks. Towels are far easier to hang, and they look great with no fancy folding required.

~ Purchase or DIY a device charging station where you need it most. Stop the search for chargers. Stop the random cords snaking out from walls everywhere. 

~ Switch to white sheets for every bedroom. They always look fresh, they’re bleachable, and you won’t need to sort which sheets go to which bedroom.

~ Consider Indoor/Outdoor rugs for high-traffic areas. They wear like iron, but they’re generally pretty inexpensive too so you can replace them when you tire of them.

 Surround yourself with things that you love. Artwork that inspires you, odd or original pieces that hold fantastic stories, color that brightens your day. Look for small changes that can make everyday living easier. We will come out on the other side of this. We’ll see all of our favorite people, go to parties, and out to eat. Until then, let’s make the most of our time at home to make the most of our homes.

  • Gloria Garner said on 04/24/20

    Gwen, Leave it to YOU to perk things up and get us thinking about how to do that! Love that!

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