Is Your Coastal Style Contemporary?


Coastal Style takes many forms, contemporary to cottage to boho. That’s great news because whatever your personal style, you can bring the barefoot, breezy vibe of a lake house to your summer home! Over the next several months, we’ll take you on a tour of the very best coastal styles. Join us, and incorporate the joy and the calm of waterfront living into your everyday!

Modern Coastal Living at Bayberry Cottage

Contemporary Coastal Style

Contemporary Coastal Style is self doesn’t need tchotchkes or overly ornate pieces to make its mark! Clean, simple lines, cleaner colors, and a focus on the view are the hallmarks of this relaxed style. Let’s dive in a little and find elements of the Modern Beach House that you can incorporate into your summer home!

Contemporary Coastal Color

Light and bright is the order of the day. Neutrals and colors should be clean and energized. An overall neutral palette with added touches of happy beach house color will set the tone for everything else in the space. Pops of turquoise, coral or navy against a backdrop of white or sand will keep your space both restful and FUN.

A Happy Beach House living room  by Bayberry Cottage

Keep it Simple Summer Lover

Eyes on the view, friends! I love beautiful things as much as the next guy, but the key to great modern design is simplicity. Edit, edit, edit! Total minimalism isn’t necessary (or very fun) but individual, beautiful pieces shine when they’re not crowded out. Select only the best pieces to tell your beach house story and keep the focus on textures and details instead of quantity. Custom trims and finishes are more impactful on their own.

Beautiful Ebonwood Chairs available by special order at Bayberry Cottage, South Haven.

 Contemporary Coastal Artwork

Overscaled, modern, coastal artwork makes a big statement and is an easy way to add color, movement and energy to your space. We prefer really fun, active pieces because it’s summertime at the beach, right?

Modern, Casual Beach House Designs by Bayberry Cottage

Straight and Narrow

Long, low straight lines have a decidedly modern feel and won’t block those gorgeous lake house views. Look for natural textures vs distressed finishes for interest on your furnishings for a cleaner beach house look. And it’s a little off topic, but the layered rugs here are beautiful and rich, but not attention seeking - we’re loving this look for a modern beach house!

Coastal Living Escape  Collection available at Bayberry Cottage

Contemporary Coastal Lighting

Statement lighting is a key element of great design - no matter your style. It’s all lit up and yelling, “LOOK AT ME!” so builder basic is never your best option. Natural textures, or shiney industrial if you like a little bling are your best bets. Overscaled is never wrong with great lighting if you have the space.

Driftwood Orb Chandelier available at

In planning your Contemporary Coastal design, remember:

  • Clean Lines and Colors
  • Natural Materials and Textures
  • Go Bold but Keep it Simple
  • Keep it Bright and Airy and Casual

And if you’re ready to embark on your journey to a gorgeous contemporary coastal home, but you need a hand, the Design Team at Bayberry Cottage is just a phone call or an email away!

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