It’s National Tell A Story Day!


Ann was a pretty lady. Come to think of it, she looked a little bit like you…

Anyway, Ann loved the color pink; nearly any shade would make her smile. Then she would blush just a little at the silliness of her joy at frivolous things and smile deeper.

Jon loved Ann, and had since the first time she laughed at one of his jokes. His heart shifted just a little, and suddenly, everything was infinitely better whenever she was around. So he married her.

She said, “Jon, I love pink. I know it’s girly and I’m OK with that. I want to decorate our bedroom in beautiful shades of pink.”

He said, “Ann, I love you more than anything in this world. I would do anything for you...but seriously? Pink?”

She said, “Trust me.” And he did.

Ann went to work. She found the perfect fabric to start, soft and romantic and happy. She pulled her colors from there. Rough wood, worn wicker, natural fabrics and fibers for her 1st layer of color on the canvas. Soft sages, olives, and creams completed the 2nd layer. And a flourish of pinks, baby girl pinks to riotous hot pinks and everything in between. But only just a little.

Soft white walls and layers of natural beauty with just a little pink joy in every vignette. Ann had to pat herself on the back, “Ahh, jubilant and refined and a little rough around the edges. Perfect”

Jon loved it when she showed it to him, and he told her he did. But nothing really prepared him for waking up in that room for the first time. As the sun poured through the windows and reflected off the muted colors, he opened his eyes. Energized and relaxed at once, he leaned over, kissed Ann awake and said, “Wanna decorate the living room?”

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A Love Story/Disclaimer

These design elements were a part of a larger design that we created for a lovely couple. They may or may not have had conversations like these, that’s none of our business. This is just a love story.


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