Sobremesa (Or, Having a Great Time and Eating Great Food with the People You Love Best)


There is an "untranslatable" Spanish Tradition - though we've all done it without realizing it, and we have all loved it, we just haven't named it. The word itself is translatable: sobremesa - over the table, but the meaning is so much more.

Sobremesa  is time spent after a meal with family or friends, talking, laughing, storytelling, lingering in good company, satisfied and happy. The key to a successful sobremesa is, no one has anywhere else to be. There is nothing rushed about the sobremesa.

Juliska Tabletop Seaside

For a SoHa Sobremesa at su casa? Invite friends more interested in lively conversation than checking their phones! Set a beautiful table - no one lingers wistfully over a paper plate! (I wish I could take credit for that line, but I took it from Juliska's beautiful, inspirational website).


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Start with the aperitivo (like the sobremesa, but before the meal). A beautiful hors d'oeuvres board like this one will get you off to a great start! 

For the main course, stick with something light - it's summertime in SoHa but we're planning a traditional Mediterranian style meal (lots of food). Tapas encourage socializing and leisurely lingering so they are the perfect food for your sobremesa. Tapas can literally be anything. In fact, I was just reading in my latest copy of Midwest Living that tapas (literally = "lid") were originally bread on top of a beer stein to keep the flies out of your beer. Eventually innkeepers and bartenders started to one-up each other by adding olives, cheeses, and meats to the bread. Now, tapas are just small bites of a variety of flavors and they are always a crowd pleaser!

Wild Maine Blueberry Chicken would be a fun one to try when you've got friends in town for the National Blueberry Festival!

stonewall kitchen

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 After dinner, clear most plates (but don't kill yourself - relax, it's sobremesa) and serve up some small bite desserts and some coffee, more wine, or an after-dinner liqueur and let your wildly creative friends entertain you for the rest of the night!

Juliska Tabletop Seaside

  • Celia Margolis said on 08/13/18

    Lovely post…..Very much in the spirit of the Juliska lifestyle!

  • Janet Lorusso said on 07/19/18

    Nice post! And I wholeheartedly endorse encouraging people to set a beautiful table!

  • Darla Powell said on 07/16/18

    Now I really want to try that Blueberry Chicken recipe!

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