Start Planning the Summer House of Your Dreams


Is this the year you’re finally making your summer home yours? Congrats! You’re in for a world of fun and family time! With a little planning ahead of time, we can get that cottage ready for summer fun, your style! How can the design of this summer home best support your family, your activities? Making it pretty is a part of great design, but creating a home that “just works” for you and yours is key making vacation time about vacation, not frustration.

Red Flowers Chair

Before you begin “designing” let’s try a different exercise. As you walk through your new digs, imagine your family, friends,, living in and loving this space. What are you doing, and where?

Summer Art Project

Are the kids drinking Kool-Aid and playing games at the dining table? Make a note to use Sunbrella fabrics on the chairs, use low maintenance, easy-to-clean rugs, and incorporate some hidden game night storage somewhere nearby! A great buffet with closed storage or a built-in could give you much needed storage that goes beyond games!

Do you imagine that you’ll end every night sitting on the deck watching the sun go down over the water? Make sure you make comfort a priority when selecting your outdoor furniture and remember to get a throw for chilly nights!

Do you envision busy fun all summer long, with loved ones in and out, or quieter summers - just you and a select few? Think about how much seating you might need, for chatting, dining, sitting around the bonfire. How many beds might you need? Is a bunk room in order? A crib for your newest family member?

Yellow and Red for Summer 

How might easily accessible storage make things easier on your guests? Kitchens with some open shelving or glass cabinet doors invite guests to grab a glass of water. Bathrooms that offer storage for linens, again open shelving when possible, offering guests ease of use.

How might a little planning keep your summer home tidy and low-maintenance? Outdoor hooks for hanging and drying beach towels? An outdoor shower to rinse away the sand? Easy to clean hardwood floors? All white sheets for every bedroom so you’re not spending time figuring out which bedding goes to which room?

Handy Hooks

Set priorities for every room before you begin designing your space and you can have a summer home that is beautiful and supportive of the way that you live! Next, sign up here for our mailing list and get our valuable guide to creating a budget for your vacation home design. A little planning keeps your priorities a part of the design, and your budget a guide for the project!

  • Janet Lorusso said on 05/09/19

    Perfect suggestions!

  • Leslie Price said on 05/09/19

    Great tips! And great inspiration!

  • Ann Porter said on 05/09/19

    Lovely images and tips! Thanks for sharing.

  • Julie said on 05/09/19

    Great ideas! I totally agree with performance fabrics, especially if kids are going to be around.

  • Deborah von Donop said on 05/09/19

    Beautiful Summer Home Decor Ideas that make living in the summer moment even more fun!

  • Darla Powell said on 05/09/19

    In Miami, our home is a summer home year round! :)

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