The Wayfarer ~ Before & After


This beautiful home perched above Lake Michigan is in our Design Portfolio, but we thought we would take a closer look at where we started. These lovely clients lived in their home for several years before they were ready to make big decisions for this lakefront knockout. Once they knew how they liked to use the space, they gave us a call, requesting loads of color and plenty of waterproof elements (Sunbrella to the rescue!).

Before & After Living Room Lake Michigan

This living room was functioning (barely) as the space where they relaxed, ate, and entertained. The furniture was uncomfortable and showing its age, while the layout didn't function well for the way they wanted to use the space.

Our new layout (with a very small addition) separated spaces and created cozy areas to connect with friends and family. Our clients were totally on board for the unexpected color palette where we layered lots of neutrals with pops of turquoise, cherry red, and spring green.

Dining Room Before & After Lake Michigan

There was little room for a dining room, but these fun-loving clients really wanted a wonderful space to dine with their family - seating at least 10. We took a small section of the deck outside and added a teeny tiny room, about 7' x 10'. Generally that's not nearly enough space for even a small dining table and chairs, so we really needed to put on our thinking caps!

We designed the L-shaped banquette to seat 6, but it wouldn't work with any square, rectangular or round table we could find. In a builder/designer collaboration, we created a oversized square table to fit the space. The banquette and cheerful red chairs were upholstered in sunbrella so they can focus on family, not spills.

Rec Room Family Room Before & After Lake Michigan

This large room on the second floor had phenomenal views of Lake Michigan, but it was ill-defined, with no clear purpose so it was rarely used. With our clients, we decided this space would be great for casual get-togethers: watching the game, playing games, and enjoying one another.  

We added a long window seat with an overstuffed cushion, the very best place for curling up with a great book. The high-top table and poppy orange metal barstools get everyone up high enough to gaze at our gorgeous lake, and a sunbrella covered sectional so there's plenty of seating to watch the game.

Before & After Master Bedroom Lake Michigan

 As is so often the case, the master bedroom had been totally neglected. The couple shared a small closet, a small dresser, and a small master bath. While we remodeled the bath, there wasn't much we could do in the bedroom to alleviate their space problems.

Brightening up the place with paint went a long way in making it feel larger, but paring down the heavy furniture, changing the layout, and adding strategic storage made all the difference!



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