Warming Up Your Home for Autumn


After some very unseasonably warm weather, today finally feels like fall is in the air - it’s not quite crisp yet, but it’s on its way. This got me thinking about making some changes at home to prepare for cooler days. Here are a few of our favorite things about fall decorating:

Add Orange to Your Watery Colors 

Approximately ALL of our lakeshore design clients request some variation of blue in their homes: bold navy to watery aqua and everything in between. And why not? We’re drawn to this place by its beauty, its energy, its calm….and some of that feeling can be replicated with color. But in a home of cool colors, well suited to summer days, how do you bring warmth to your home as the temperatures drop? Orange.


Bayberry Cottage Autumn Window

Blue and orange are a fantastic, energetic pair in almost every environment, and while your calming blues will still have that effect, pops of orange will add that element of warmth that fall demands. And being opposites on the color wheel, blue and orange together add a jazzy energy that will make you grin every time you walk through the door! Navy to aqua, pumpkin to coral, these colors were made for one another.

Bring Out the Throws

Company C

Park Throw (available in 7 colors)

We’re summer people. Sun, sandals, and surf define an entire season as relaxed, social, and happy. But even we have to admit, autumn is a fine time to be in beautiful Michigan. Warm, not hot, September-October days and cool nights makes it the most comfortable outdoor season. Big Blue, while not as welcoming as on our 90° summer days, is more beautiful than ever in her moodiness. And whether your favorite snuggle partner is your hubby or a great book, this is definitely the season to get your snuggles in!

Pine Cone Hill Throw

Bridgehampton Throw

But don’t leave your throws in the trunk until it’s time to curl up with one - pull out those gorgeous colors and textures as an invitation to both you, and the rest of the family to take advantage of one of the many perks of this season! Casually tossed over the arm of a chair or tidily (and narrowly) folded over the back, or folded and stacked on a trunk or bench, throws that are out where they can be seen and felt add to the hominess and coziness of your home. Bring it Autumn, we’re ready!

Natural Elements

Nature gets bountiful and just a little bit sassy in the fall, leaving you with lots of options for bringing a bit of the season home. Squash, flint corn, and apples are fairly long lasting and gorgeous in both their colors and their variety.

Seasonal flowers, leaves and branches can be great too. Tabletops, mantels, buffets….all the spaces in your home can benefit from the stunning beauty of nature. In terms of fashion sense, Mother Nature has us all beat, hands down - bring her artistry inside!

Hot Skwash

Around here, we’re big on creative, original pieces to bring personality, humor, beauty, and stories to your space. One of the very exciting fall days at Bayberry Cottage is the day that our Hot Skwash order arrives. Each handcrafted piece brings those elements of personality, humor, and beauty into bookshelves or tabletops. And we can feel really great about supporting this Oregonian start-up too! Daria Knowles is an extraordinarily talented mama who prioritized spending time with her family over a traditional career, and embarked on a local “craft” business that has blossomed into a successful company with international reach.

Hot Skwash

Her secret? The finest silks, velvets, custom beaded chiffons and fine jewelry carefully crafted into stunning works of art and humbled by their natural pumpkin stems. It’s a beautiful balance, and a clever way to bring beauty and creativity to your fall decor. 

We've been playing with all of our new fall decor at Bayberry for a couple of weeks now. Come in and see us and get some inspiration for your delicious autumn home!

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