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We believe that your home should be casual, inviting, beautiful, fun and comfortable and the goodies that we find from one end of the country to the other are a means to that end. We believe that building a beautiful home is an ongoing project, and the best parts of that project are the unexpected "finds". We believe that color is nothing to fear, so we've always got color in stock. We believe that your home should directly reflect your personality, so our girls are always happy to sit with you and find special order options to make it yours. We believe that your home should be unique, which is why when we find an item that we think is really special, we won't order more than one or two and when they're gone, they're gone. We believe that there's something pretty special about that big ol' lake in our backyard and it's fitting to use its beauty as inspiration.

coastal island


  • We believe that your home should be beautiful and inspiring and support the way that you live
    • What if your home worked like your ipad?
      • gorgeously designed
      • works beautifully
      • intuitive
      • does what you need
  • We believe that we spend enough time in places that are uninspired and uninspiring. Surrounded by things that don’t completely do what we would like them to do in the way that we want them to do it.
    • Shouldn’t we have one spot in the world that works perfectly for us?
    • One spot that gives us the tools to live exactly as we would like to live?
    • One spot that makes you smile and relax every time you walk through the door?
  • We believe in friends and family
    • beautiful things are great, but we know what our real treasures are….
  • We believe in cocktail parties
  • We believe that beauty re energizes your mind and refreshes your soul and leaves you feeling giddy
  • We believe in the power of a lighting plan to transform your space (and your home life)
    • Just as jewelry makes the outfit

glass lamp

  • We believe everyone has a larger-than-life personality, whether they are boisterous or quiet as a mouse
  • We believe you should put something organic in every room
  • We believe in “good, fast and cheap,” but you can only pick 2
  • We believe you have to know the rules in order to break them successfully
  • We believe your mood and your disposition can be altered by your surroundings - good or bad
  • We believe that chocolate and wine are key to a well-lived life; diets be damned
  • We believe that sandals and flip-flops are good for your soul, and bare feet even better
  • We believe that everyone knows good design when they see it
  • We believe that great art doesn’t have to match the sofa
  • We believe that you should never choose your paint color first
  • We believe that elements of humor and surprise lead to the very best (and most personal) designs
  • We believe what’s the point of having your cake if you can’t eat it too?
  • We believe that the only thing in our business that’s more important than the design is the people who live in it.
  • We believe that husbands are more than just wallets
  • We believe in great relationships with our vendors, suppliers, and tradespeople; but we believe we are advocates for our clients first, foremost and always

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