What's New in Wallpaper?


There was a time when wallpaper drew the walls in around us. Like so many design trends of the past wallpaper was heavy, dark, and took itself way too seriously. Certain eras, I swear….it was like 5pm on a January day, all the time, and I’m so very happy that light and bright is the order of the day. But I digress…

So, I feel a little like wallpaper has gotten a bad rap and maybe some people aren’t giving it a fair shot. It’s not your Grandma’s Dusty Rose and Brown wallpaper anymore; you know the one that made you feel like you needed to sneeze? Like all of the details you add to your home to create interest or add beauty, wallpaper tells part of your story and it’s well worth a look at what’s available now, because the details are what make your home yours.

Subtle Whimsey

Mature and cheeky all at once! This neutral zebra print is fun and active, but the color says stately and subdued. It makes itself known, without hogging the spotlight, and that's a trait to admire.

Etosha by Thibault



Grasscloth papers give you a depth and dimension, without a pattern to tire of or work around. It's available in nearly limitless colors, and comes in natural fibers or vinyl that wears like iron. It's a great choice for beach houses!


Big and Bold

This ain't your grandma's stuffy floral wallpaper....it's scene stealing, showstopping, riotous fun! This is paper for the bold, the daring, and the fearless and it's sure to put a smile on your face!

Large Scale Graphic Floral Wallpaper


Tradition with a Twist

Most traditional patterns are great, it's the dated colors that give us pause. So how about a traditional pattern with cheerful color instead of drab?

Wallpaper Traditional Pattern Modern Color


Or go graphic in a great color for a decidedly modern feel with a punch!

Yellow Graphic Wallpaper



Modern wallpaper can be big and bold and daring, or simply add depth and beautiful texture to your walls - either way, when you find a print you love, it will make all the difference in the way you feel in your room! It's the sort of personalization that makes your place special, makes it yours.

Pictured papers (and many many more) are available at Bayberry Cottage in the 3rd floor design center. Come in and see if there's a pattern that calls to you!


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