What is my role in the interior design process? (Or, how do I get the most value from an Interior Designer’s services?)

  • We can do our very best work when our clients are actively involved and are a part of our “team”
      • Establish a preferred timeframe for the project
      • Establish a budget for the project and talk openly and honestly about it with your designer - without it, she can only guess at the style and quality you’re after.
      • Give your designer clear goals for the space! How do you want it to function? What’s working and what’s not? What do you consider your style to be?
        • Consider starting a profile on Houzz.com so you can show your designer spaces that you love or that inspire you. Pinterest is a great site too!  If you are not already using these sites, we’re happy to help you get familiar with them.
      • Decide which pieces are important enough that you want your designer to work with them.
      • Make decisions as quickly as you can once you have the information you need. Difficulty deciding in a timely manner can lead to big delays on your project.
      • Be open to new ideas. We will listen closely to understand your goals and from there, our job is to create a space that you can’t create on your own, and to think outside of the box to solve your current problems. One idea on it’s own may not speak to you right away, but when creative ideas are looked at with an eye toward the completed project rather than individually, they make more sense.
      • Trust the process! Your designer has a plan, and every decision she makes is made with the end result in mind.
      • Try not to revisit decisions you have already made. Every decision builds on another and to undo one often means backtracking and revisiting a number of other decisions.
      • Don’t shop after you have hired your designer! Again, these surprise purchases can cause your designer to have to redo work that has already been done and often leads to more billable time. If you have really fallen for something, talk to your designer about it before you purchase; how will it affect the decisions that have already been made?
      • Have fun! We’re building your dream home and it should be exciting! We’re here to handle the unexpected (and inevitable) issues that arise with any design project,  so that you can enjoy the process and the beautiful outcome!