We love their work!


From the beginning, Gwen and Amber provided invaluable guidance with paint colors, flooring, lighting, window treatments and more. In addition, they were very creative in the design of a custom dining table and our bathroom vanities.

After months of living in a construction zone, it was installation day! Following a long work day, we returned home to find that Gwen and Amber had every detail in place. It was so emotional... we couldn’t believe our eyes as we stood and stared in awe. It was truly like one of the makeover shows you see on TV.

In summary, we would strongly recommend Bayberry Cottage for your decorating needs. They were there every step of the way. Thank you Gwen and Amber, it is amazing what you have done for us and we want everyone to know that you have a wonderful talent to make someone's dream home a reality.

~ Dan and Maribeth