Holland & Grand Haven


We’re crazy about most of Southwest Michigan’s fabulous little communities, but Holland and Grand Haven are both extra special places! Holland’s vibrant downtown and destination Farmer’s Market give your small town the vibe of a much larger city that still offers a warm, friendly Welkom! And Grand Haven, you celebrate your history and our gorgeous Lake in such a beautiful way. Your restored factories and incredible waterfront walkways make yours a truly unique destination. Both communities share our love of personalities from near and far and a deep-rooted, Midwestern friendliness that can’t be beat!

These values are the same that we use everyday as we build lifestyles through our designs - unpretentious, warm, welcoming and classic, long-lasting style! Our design team takes a very hands-on approach to our very personal projects - your home should directly reflect you and your family and support your specific lifestyle! We take the time to understand the way that you live and develop a plan to get you to your dream home on time, within budget and with style! As we implement your plan, we’ll take care of the details from the big pieces down to the very last drapery hook. So sit back, relax and let us do the heavy lifting!  Bayberry Cottage, your source for the best Holland / Grand Haven Interior Design.