South Haven


We are so blessed to live and work in our quaint little town on the lake! South Haven residents have a secret: our town is special not just in the bustling, noisy fun of summer, but also in the happy, cool autumn days on the beach, the silent winters with nothing but cozy blankets and the occasional holiday guest on our radars and in the growing excitement of spring as boats are plopped back into their slips and our town comes alive again. South Haven’s relaxed, casual atmosphere makes life just a little more comfortable from the shoes on our feet to the sofas in our (really) great rooms!

And speaking of Great Rooms.... At Bayberry Cottage, we take much of our design inspiration from our casual yet gorgeous community. Add in your specific style, needs, and lifestyle and you’ve got one amazing, custom home that supports your family just the way that it should! We take the time to understand the way that you live and develop a plan to get you to your dream home on time, within budget and with style! As we implement your plan, we’ll take care of the details from the big pieces down to the very last drapery hook. So sit back, relax and let us do the heavy lifting!  Bayberry Cottage, your source for the best South Haven Interior Design.