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The Master Plan

Custom Design and Comprehensive Planning

Do you have (almost) everything in place to turn your second home into your personal sanctuary?

If you love to shop, dream, and create—and already have your own list of favorite retailers and contractors—our Master Plan is everything you’re looking for in a design partner!

Comprehensive Planning

We offer comprehensive planning for when you already have everything you need—except room for error.

Our experts will not only help you take your creative vision to the next level they’ll also be there to support you with seasoned advice on all the renovation details and be your calm in the storm if things start to feel overwhelming.

We’ll partner with you to create your project roadmap while leaving the details like purchasing, installation, and final renovation to you!

Your Signature Look

You may be a Pinterest super-user with hours of HGTV on the DVR, but having a design team on deck to help with the planning can bring everything together in ways you never imagined.

We’ll work with you to create a beautiful custom design tailored to your unique preferences, aesthetics, and lifestyle.

As your guide we’ll ensure you’re thinking big picture and that every element works in harmony to become something that’s truly all your own.

An Insider on Your Side

A plan in place before the project even starts means when your contractor asks for your flooring selection, you’ll have it ready to hand to her, she’ll stay on schedule, and you’ll stay sane.

You’ll have your Master Plan to make sure your construction team is completely aligned with your vision (we speak fluent “contractor!).

Tailored to You

Bayberry Cottage also offers full-service design, so when customizing your Master Plan, we’ll have expertise on everything you may need already in house. Our wide range of design savvy includes:

• Full design concepts for new builds and renovations

• Lifestyle analysis to plan for how your form can function

• Plans to best use your space and layout your furniture

• Kitchen and bath style, color, and finish selections

• Lighting and custom window treatment design

• Color palette expertise

• Custom furniture and built-in designs

• Recommendations for architectural elements: flooring, tile, wall treatments, and all the details that will set your place apart!

• And just about anything else your dream vacation home requires

Ready to get started on your plan? Schedule a chat today to hear more about what our service includes (and how amazing your dream home can be)!

Bayberry Cottage - Interior design studio in Michigan

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