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Vacation Home Makeover

Custom Design and Comprehensive Planning

Do you ever wish you could create your perfect space on your own—but keep an experienced vacation home design advisor in your pocket? We have the technology!

Our Vacation Home Makeover is a series of four virtual consultations with your very own pocket-sized designer.

Using the easy and convenient Zoom platform we’ll video chat into your world to act as your tutor (and your cheerleader) during key points in the process as you create your perfect getaway.

During our sessions we’ll be there to answer questions and offer all manner of advice, gut checks, watch-outs, and the occasional exuberant high-five!

OK, so we’re not actually pocket-sized…

But this service is our most efficient, bite-sized way to get professional design help and support as you create your vacation home magic.

During our four meetings we’ll walk you through our own time-refined process that we use for our signature full-service design.

We’ll advise you on your selections, make sure you’re avoiding pitfalls, and help you find solutions as things pop up.

Our simple ala carte consulting service includes:

• Four virtual Zoom meetings focused on the design for one room

• You’ll have about an hour to chat with your design Thumbelina as we walk you through the process step by step with plenty of room for questions.

• To help you get the most out of our consultations, our sessions will end with a homework assignment (don’t worry—it’ll be fun).

• During the following meetings, we’ll review the selections from your design homework, discuss any issues we see, make suggestions—and (most importantly) encourage you as you develop your own design skills on the road to creating your vacation home masterpiece!

Ready for us to magically appear in your design world and get to work?

Buy it now or schedule a chat to learn more —and be one step closer to a home you’ll love (made by you!).

Bayberry Cottage - Interior design studio in Michigan

510 Phoenix Rd
South Haven, MI 49090
(269) 639-9615
Mon-Sat: 10am to 5pm
Sun: 11am to 5pm

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